Tuesday, April 22, 2014

銀杏 Icho @ Hotel Nikko Nara

It's the long weekend in Japan, and thousands and thousands of Japanese tourists have decided to do a day trip in Nara, the capital city of Japan before Kyoto. Nara is quite a big place, and most tourists will start their Nara trip from the Nara city which is accessible by both JR and Hankyu trains from Osaka.

 photo a01_zps55a8923f.jpg

We took the Hankyu trains to Nara city which is much nearer to the famous deer park than the JR station (above). However, we decided to walk to the JR station to have lunch at Hotel Nikko. Wanted to eat at some of the Michelin stars restaurants here, but then it is 1 or 2 train stops away (plus lot's of walking)

 photo a02_zps4887c06b.jpg

We didn't make any reservation, and this Icho teppanyaki restaurant in Nara is full to the max. But with a stroke of luck, a big group of diners just left the restaurant and we were fortunate enough to get seats here.

 photo a03_zpsef902ba6.jpg

Ordered a bottle of Yebisu beer to accompany our lunch.

 photo a04_zpse4bf0d7f.jpg

The chef is here. Although he speaks very little English, but still we know he is giving all he has to prepare this delicious Teppanyaki lunch for us.

 photo a05_zps3f6c59ed.jpg

Started off our set lunch with this fresh salad bowl.

 photo a06_zps3711a8c0.jpg

And this boiled vegetables and prawn appetizer.

 photo a07_zps12a543a9.jpg

We were surprised that the set also came with sweet sashimi platter.

 photo a08_zpsc684626b.jpg

And here comes the juicy delicious Kobe beef cubes

 photo a10_zpsa34c1468.jpg

Lot's of acrobatic performance while cooking the beef

 photo a09_zps17223c95.jpg

Plus crisp Japanese beansprouts being fried on the hot plate

 photo a11_zpsfd22c841.jpg

A selection of the pan fried vegetables, including the fragrant crispy garlic pieces. The Kobe beef cubes were juicy and flavourful.

 photo a12_zps2374c57f.jpg

Japanese rice with unlimited refills

 photo a13_zps14a0e713.jpg

Pickled plum and cucumbers to company the rice

 photo a14_zpse662224a.jpg

Ended our lunch set with a refreshing Yuzu sorbet ice-cream.

 photo a15_zpsea249eb2.jpg

After which, we continued our journey into Nara and saw cute and hungry deers plus the amazing Todaiji Temple which is by far the most amazing temple we have seen in Japan.

銀杏 Icho
Hotel Nikko Nara
8-1 Sanjo-Hommachi,


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