Friday, April 12, 2013

Tung Lok Classics @ Orchard Parade Hotel

A backentry post for one of the Lunar New Year lunch at Tung Lok Classics. As it was the festive period, we paid S$230 per person for the Chinese New Year lunch.
 photo a01_zps7bfa56f7.jpg
Started our CNY lunch with this unique Stir fried shark's fin and ham served with superior stock wrapped in paper. The ingredients were wrapped inside paper, and the sweet broth was poured into a cup.

 photo a02_zps10ae991e.jpg

Braised green lip abalone with black moss and pea shoot. What is Chinese New Year without abalone?

 photo a03_zps74dc31c0.jpg

A special Chinese New Year dish where each ingredient represents a person in the family. A very cute dish not seen in many restaurants.

 photo a04_zps364739e3.jpg

Cod fillet with onion sauce

 photo a05_zps598ff68a.jpg

Pan fried Kurobuta pork, which was tender and juicy.

 photo a06_zps8109b8cd.jpg

Fruit juice served in test tube, a signature here in Tung Lok.

 photo a07_zpsc7c69da8.jpg

Coconut milk with almond milk and hashima 雪蛤. It came with a dramatic entrance with fire.

 photo a08_zps408a0724.jpg

Beautiful Chinese New Year desserts

 photo a09_zps76b1710b.jpg

Chinese New Year Niangao from Tung Lok, with compliments.

Tung Lok Classics
1 Tanglin Road
Orchard Parade Hotel

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