Thursday, June 06, 2013

Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon

Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon is forever packed and full, especially during weekends. So it was quite a surprise to know that they had empty seats during weekday lunch recently.

 photo a01_zpsac1e2918.jpg

It's quite dark inside, but bright enough to see what you are eating. Service was polite and prompt.

 photo a02_zpse95e0a3e.jpg

Here are some of the food we ordered for lunch:

 photo a03_zps1903b31d.jpg

Steamed minced pork with salted fish - This went really well with white rice.

 photo a04_zps9e922784.jpg

Steamed sea perch with cordyceps flower, mushroom and dried orange peel - Another excellent dish to accompany white rice. The dried orange peel helped to get rid of any fishy smell.

 photo a05_zpsc71b4418.jpg

Sea cucumber stuffed with minced kurobuta pork and prawn paste - The fillings were moist and smooth.

 photo a06_zps1e5a7149.jpg

Watercress pork ribs soup

 photo a07_zps5f792892.jpg

Stew beef ribs with tomato served with mustard sauce. Very unique as it was done "Chinese style".

 photo a08_zpse521ce2d.jpg

Chinese mustard with scallop and shrimp roe

Crystal Jade Golden Palace
290 Orchard Road