Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lei Garden Restaurant @ Chijmes

The restaurants in Chijmes have been changing every now and then, but Lei Garden has withstood the change of times and have been here since the very start.

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And reasons why it's still popular among diners is the location, service, food and reputation.

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Few years ago, Lei Garden had a huge renovation and out of all Cantonese restaurants in Singapore, I think Lei Garden really ranks as one of the top few best looking restaurants.

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Weekend dinner special - Roast Suckling Pig skin with fragrant glutinous rice (S$42 for small), Lei Garden does a mean version of roast suckling pig. Skin is really crust and crisp without being too oily. And the rice below added some depth to the dish. It's pricey, but do order if you are here on weekends because it's only available on weekdays with advance reservation.

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The beautiful and classic plating here. But always have a headache reading the cylindrical menu

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No charge for iced water.

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We enjoyed the yummy Double boiled daily soup (S$14 for half pot) - Today's special was Pork Rib with Prunella vulgaris (夏枯草) and Kombu. Full of flavours with every sip.

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Here comes the huge Alaskan King Crab steamed with Hua Diao wine and egg white (S$288 for one crab). Again, this is very pricey, but IMHO, worth every single cent. The meat was so sweet and delicious. Recommended for steaming to enjoy the sweetness of the Alaskan crab.

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Mustard Green fried with superior stock and crispy conpoy (S$22). Neatly presented.

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Deep Fried Chicken with Honey and ginger (S$24). Quite ordinary for this, but we finished it up in no time.

Conclusion is that yes it's pricey. But service was good, and food were excellent.

Lei Garden Restaurant
30 Victoria Street


  1. wa looks very yummy esp the soup and crab!!

  2. The crab was exp, but really good. Soup was excellent too, can taste it was boiled for a long time.