Monday, March 04, 2013

Shin Yeh @ Liang Court

With all the holiday feasting coming to an end, it's time to have some light and simple food for the next few weeks. And what better than to enjoy a pipping hot bowl of porridge with some yummy comfort food.

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One of our favourite place for Taiwan porridge is Shin Yeh. And this is really 100% Taiwan porridge as the restaurant originated from Taiwan.

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Ordered the Taiwan Porridge (S$1.50 per person). Came with some pickled cucumbers.

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Aloe Vera Juice (S$4.80)

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Pan fried chai por omelette (S$10) - Was quite thick with lot's of eggs. Chai por was crunchy and not too salty. Great with porridge

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Pan fried pig liver (S$14) - Almost every table had this. Diners who are not used to eating liver should try the version here. It was pan fried with a layer of sweet caramel. Tender, soft and juicy.

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Mustard heart with conpoy

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Soup of the day (S$8 per person)

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Steamed pork with egg (S$10) - Another comfort food dish to accompany porridge.

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Rice balls (complimentary) - Taiwan mua-chee.

Shin Yeh
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court,

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