Monday, March 25, 2013

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant @ Carlton Hotel

Before Chinese New Year, Wah Lok completed a million dollar renovation. So decided to pop by to see what's new here.

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I like this hanging glass ornament at the main lobby of Carlton Hotel. Looks like something is descending from the heavens.

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Something new here is this "spaceship" like entrance. It's nice, but I find it quite a waste of space. Would be good if they are able to add more tables and chairs during the weekend for their ever-popular dim sum brunch.

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Sharks fin melon pork ribs soup (S$7.50 per person). The soup was quite ordinary. Prefer the double boiled soup at Imperial Treasure.

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Somrthing new we do not often see - Deep fried century egg with shrimp paste. And it tastes just like how a "Pei Tan" + XO sauce would taste. Couldn't really taste the shrimp past covering the egg.

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This looks very nice on the menu, but when brought to our table, the Baked stuffed sea whelk (S$20) doesn't look as beautiful. The chunks of sea whelk flesh was baked with cheese and cream sauce.

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Stir fried pork neck meat with black pepper sauce (S$20 for small). Meat was tender.

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Steamed lobster in Chinese wine with vermicelli (S$28 per person). The taste was quite bland. Lobster was fresh though.

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Fried rice with garlic and Chinese sausage (S$22 for small). Couldn't finish this. I guess the entire fried rice wasn't up to standard. Too oily. And we find the rice was simply fried with garlic bits and dark soya sauce. Quite disappointed.

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Green apple and Chrysanthemum jelly (S$6) Light and sweet.

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Also ordered the traditional Grass herbal jelly with honey (S$9).

Conclusion is that this place is good for Dim Sum, but not really good for their "main course" items for dinner. Need more improvement.

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant
76 Bras Basah Road
Level 2
Carlton Hotel

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