Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canton Paradise @ 112 Katong

One of our favourite place for Dim Sum is at Taste Paradise. Most of the items are of good quality and taste. But one problem is that Dim Sum is only served during lunch time.

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Imagine our surprise when we found out that its sister restaurant Canton Paradise is now serving the same dim sum for dinner too. In fact, it's whole day "breakfast" dim sum.

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We were there for dinner, and ordered their double boiled soup which was of good value.

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Crispy roast pork with crackling skin.

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The chee cheong fun with fragrant chai por is the unique dim sum item here. It is very very delicious, much better than the normal prawn chee cheong fun. Try it.

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Pan fried carrot cake with lup cheong and dried hae-bee.

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Like their chicken claws too.

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Other than dim sum, we also ordered their fried Ee-Fu noodles. Nice wok hei.

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We find the stir fry long beans with minced pork quite ordinary.

 photo a07_zpsa4227bc4.jpg

Another must order here is the "Liu Sha Bao", which is steamed white fluffy buns with piping hot salted egg yolk fillings.

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The usual suspects: Siew Mai

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and of course, Har Kow.

Canton Paradise
112 Katong
112 East Coast Road

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