Friday, July 26, 2013

Waterfall Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel

I think after 2 brunches at Waterfall Café, it's fair to say that they are one of the best place for weekend brunch. After the previous Sunday brunch buffet, we are back here on a Saturday afternoon for their ala carte brunch.

 photo a01_zps645cfc1c.jpg

Waterfall Café has a very inviting entrance, where fresh produces breads are laid out on the counters.

 photo a02_zps34b3d419.jpg

Although it is called Waterfall Café, but the waterfall is actually not very visible from the restaurant. It is located just outside of it.

 photo a03_zpsfb89c28e.jpg

But of course, diners here are treated to a different view, the swimming pool.

 photo a04_zps44377060.jpg

Freshly baked bread are served, and the bread comes in 4 different varieties.

 photo a06_zps4f90fd3a.jpg

A shot of the group dining room.

 photo a05_zps59cf145f.jpg

A bottle of tap water is placed on each table.

 photo a07_zpse2eb9319.jpg

For starters, we had the Pan seared foie gras, apricot and almond chutney, cucumber and arugula, vanilla sherry dressing (S$26). Foie Gras was creamy and not too oily.

 photo a08_zps9c926e19.jpg

Jerusalem artichoke velouté, poached cranberries, toasted hazelnut, black trumpet mushroom (S$14). The soup was served warm and had a very unique and delicious taste.

 photo a09_zps3a7f6140.jpg

This is one of my favourite salad - Organic quinoa salad, baby spinach, red cabbage and raisin with roasted lamb rump (S$25). I like the contrasting texture of the crunchy quinoa with the juicy cabbage and spinach salad. The dressing was good too.

 photo a10_zps9d2a1d15.jpg

Roasted barramundi, pink peppercorn and Indian coriander gastrique, steam bok choy, pequillo peppers and grape (S$30) - Fish was very fresh.

 photo a11_zps03006d90.jpg

Grilled trout, steamed spring vegetable fricassée, lemon relish (S$25) - This grilled trout is a feast to the eyes and the mouth. Very colourful and full of contrasting flavours.

 photo a12_zpsb47179a8.jpg

We felt a little let down by this dessert. Wasn't as good as their mains and appetizers. Kiwi and strawberry feuillantine, pistachio chiboust cream and passion fruit coulis (S$10)

 photo a13_zps175d77fe.jpg

But we very much enjoyed the Blueberry cobbler with grains of paradise and warm almond crumble with vanilla ice cream (S$14). Especially when mixing together the warm crumble together with the cold vanilla ice cream.

Waterfall Cafe
22 Orange Grove Road
Garden Wing,
Level One
Shangri-La Hotel


  1. Wow, I wonder what happens if they sprinkle sugar icing on the Blueberry cobbler! =)