Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BonChon Chicken @ Bugis+

When we have cravings for crispy fried chicken, we will always think of 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. We are unsure if this BonChon chicken is related to the 4 Fingers BonChon over at ION Orchard, but both shops basically sell the same thing - fried chicken.

 photo a01_zps07c49470.jpg

We were here at around 9pm on a weekend, and the dinner crowd is almost gone. Hence, the service was prompt and our fried chicken came in just 15 minutes.

 photo a02_zps76c19497.jpg

As we had a terrifying experience of the spicy sauce crispy chicken at 4 Fingers, we decided to skip that and ordered the Soy Garlic, which is essentially Korean soya sauce (a bit sweet) with a rather weak garlic taste. The crispy chicken were really good. We had wings and drumsticks, and we thought the drumsticks were rather dry. So do order the wings next time.

Those who want an alternative to KFC / Popeyes / Texas, may want to try this the next time.

BonChon Chicken
201 Victoria Street

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