Monday, May 13, 2013

Space @ My Humble House

Space @ My Humble House has been one of our favourite little corner in the city where it is never too crowded, and that we can have something fast and delicious anytime of the day. It helps that the food is cooked in the same kitchen of My Humble House.

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The decor inside is calm and has a "zen" look.

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Free iced water is served here to all diners.

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This is my 1st time trying the Claypot Beef Rice (S$14). Very tender chunks of beef brisket with white radish that has been simmered in the gravy for hours. Went really well with the bowl of white fragrant rice.

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One of their specialty is the Claypot Jasmine Rice with Crabmeat and Shrimp in Consomme (S$12). The best thing here is the consomme, which is full of seafood flavours. I highly recommend this to all 1st time diners here.

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Fried stick doughs with Chilli Crab Sauce. Sauce was full of crab meat, but we wished they were more generous with the gravy.

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Siew Mai. Good but nothing special.

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We didn't really like the Crispy fried buns with salted egg yolk. Egg yolk was dry and not the creamy type.

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Another mains worth trying is the Mama Leong's Chicken Rice (S$12 per set). The rice is fragrant and the set even comes with a double boiled soup.

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Crispy silver fish in duck yolk batter. Great snack to order while waiting for your main to arrive.

Space @ My Humble House
8 Raffles Place
Esplanade Mall

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