Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Windowsill Pies @ Horne Road

Hidden among the old shophouses next to Jalan Besar Stadium is a quirky looking cafe. And this cafe has been packing in crowds on weekends for their creative dessert pies. The name too, is quirky - Windowsill Pies.

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The cafe is run by 2 young brothers, and we are here on a Friday late evening to try out their yummy pies which we heard from word of mouth.

I would like to compliment the owners of this cafe for the excellent service we enjoyed. STB or some agency should give them an award just for their wonderful warm service!

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The cafe serves special Gryphon Tea where the tea leaves are not available readily from the supermarkets.

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Tea (S$6 per pot). We had the Muscato Blanc, which was one of the best tea we had like ever. The aroma of Muscat grapes, hints of red wine taste all infused into the tea.

 photo a04_zpsf13c27ad.jpg

Steak Diane (S$23). Let's be honest here. This is not a place for mains and "serious food". The steak was okay, but not of exceptional quality.

 photo a05_zps77ad196a.jpg

Steak Quatro Fromage (S$25). Full of thick yummy cheese sauce.

 photo a06_zps8d70cd43.jpg

We came here for this. The pies. And there are so much to choose from.

 photo a07_zpsea21988c.jpg

Strawberry Lemon Pie (S$7), Sam Willows Pie (S$7.50) and Banana Pie (S$7). All were really yummy. So yummy, we decided to order 2 more.

 photo a08_zps30ba63b1.jpg

Easter Special Pie (S$7.50) and Funny Applie Pie (S$7.50). Burp. It was really good.

Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road

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