Friday, May 17, 2013

Dolce Vita @ Mandarin Oriental

Even though Dolce Vita has been serving yummy Italian cuisines for some time now, but we have not been back here often, due to the many new Italian restaurants opening all over town.

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We are back here to check on the pastas and other Italian cuisines that made Dolce Vita famous, and of course to enjoy the beautiful Marina Bay view.

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Warm bread rolls were served with various olive oil and dipping pastes.

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First up, all diners get the Chicken roulade and foie gras powder

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Had the Minestrone di Astice. Lobster bisque minestrone with seared Hokkaido scallop and basil pesto. Soup tasted yummy.

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Carpaccio di Capesante. Carpaccio of citrus marinated Hokkaido scallop with Sturia selection prestige caviar and baby cress salad. A very refreshing starter to start our dinner.

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Cannelloni di granchio. Jumbo crab tartare wrapped in lobster bisque jelly, hass avocado mousse, spicy mango salsa and lemon zest dressing. This is one dish which we had not seen in other Italian restaurants before, especially the way they presented it.

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Risotto al tartufo. Acquerello risotto with black truffles, sautéed mushroom, seared foie gras and white truffle foam. The risotto was cooked till perfect.

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Tris di pasta - Here, we have 3 different kinds of pasta all presented as one main. Great for those who wants varieties.

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Fettuccine in anchovies, capers, olives, parsley and tomatoes. This was the best pasta we had for the night. You can literally taste the delicious sweet seafood in the sauce.

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Fettuccine with bacon, egg yolk, cream, Parmigiano reggiano and pepper. Very creamy and tasty too.

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Seared red mullet and scallop with fricassee of green peas and lobster essence

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Ended our dinner with the classic dessert - Tiramisu della nonna. Classic Italian tiramisu with fresh mascarpone cheese and savoiardi biscuits

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And also this Mango e frutto della passione with honey pineapple, cassonade meringue and coconut ice cream

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Dolce Vita
5 Raffles Ave
Mandarin Oriental

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  1. Haven't heard about Dolce Vita for a long time, with all the newer restaurants around. I should make a trip down soon to have a taste!