Thursday, May 02, 2013

Dean & Deluca @ Orchard Central

Dean & Deluca, one of the hottest place along Orchard Road for drinks and light meals.  Heard of horror stories of how crowded it was during opening, so we took this long before deciding that it was time to try out this place. We have heard mixed reviews for this place, and most recommend sticking to their drinks and pastry items.

 photo a01_zps24bcd6b2.jpg

A very attactive pastry shelf greets diners at this semi-self service cafe. Ask for a table, then join the queue to place orders for food and drinks. They will be sent to your table by their staff.

 photo a02_zpse36238c8.jpg

Had this chocolate milkshake drink and also hot tea.

 photo a03_zps1e890266.jpg

Lot's of delicious looking cakes here in the chiller.

 photo a04_zpse952a2cf.jpg

Enjoyed munching on this tart filled with creamy custard and blueberries.

 photo a05_zps9da3e62e.jpg

The cherry pie was good too.

 photo a06_zps8b3ae47f.jpg

Dean & Deluca also had a wide variety of fresh fruits on sale, mostly imported from Japan.

 photo a07_zpsa6e7033e.jpg

Dean and Deluca
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central

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