Monday, June 24, 2013

Paradise Pavilion @ Marina Bay Link Mall

One of our favourite place for weekend Dim Sum is at Paradise Pavilion, which is the flagship restaurant of the Paradise Group of restaurants.

 photo a01_zps29451be7.jpg

Located at the new Marina Bay Financial Centre, it's quite difficult to get a table with prior reservation. It is that popular.

 photo a02_zpsad4abc7b.jpg

Decided to cool things down with a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea (S$3.80 per person)

 photo a03_zpsecc7ffff.jpg

Started our Dim Sum brunch with Deep Fried prawn with mango roll (S$5.60)

 photo a04_zps7ab4a6b9.jpg

Cute little packets of Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (S$5.80)

 photo a05_zpsfdb209e3.jpg

The traditional Steamed Prawn Dumpling "Ha Kau" (S$5.80). Prawns were crunchy. Skin was thin.

 photo a06_zps0ed4cb6d.jpg

Steamed Custard Bun (S$5.50)  Paradise makes one of the best Liu Sha Bao. Creamy salted egg cream flowing out of the fluffy buns.

 photo a07_zps92cefca6.jpg

Steamed Pork Dumplings "Siew Mai" (S$5.80). Can taste big chunks of prawns, mushrooms and pork.

 photo a08_zps93bdd970.jpg

Rice Rolls with Minced Preserved Turnip Filling (S$5.00) One of our must order here. Love the savoury turnip fillings in the chee cheong fun.

 photo a09_zps4d61f6ad.jpg

Double Boiled Soup (S$10 per person) - A soup to warm the tummy

 photo a10_zpsbbf71a4c.jpg

Steamed Prawn and Chive Dumplings (S$5.00)  Nice combination of chives and crunchy prawns

 photo a11_zps8b8762d3.jpg

Steamed BBQ Honey Pork Buns with Preserved Vegetables (S$4.60) - Fluffy buns with sweet pork fillings

 photo a12_zpsed5c9e8f.jpg

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings (S$4.80) - As good as Ding Tai Fung. Thin skin and bursting with delicious juice inside.

 photo a13_zps2543dc99.jpg

Forbidden Rice Dumpling (S$14.80) - This was a one time special dumpling. Sweet, savoury and filling.

Paradise Pavilion
No 8A Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Link Mall

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pollen @ Gardens By The Bay

It is always a joy to visit the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. And the whole dome was exceptionally beautiful during the recently concluded Tulip festival.

 photo a01_zps3da0132f.jpg

Lot's of beautiful real tulips on display, and we were there on the 2nd last day where all of the flowers were in full bloom.

 photo a02_zpsb4f858b8.jpg

Made reservations at Pollen for a leisure afternoon tea before going for the flower tour.

 photo a03_zps295ddaba.jpg

There were 3 of us, and we had a choice of 3 different teas which were refillable.

 photo a04_zps0bd7357f.jpg

The Afternoon Tea (S$38++ per person) was one of the better deals here. But as it is an afternoon tea, the variety and quantity were quite small. And it's non-refillable too.

 photo a05_zpsfb76cec2.jpg

Gibassier with homemade jam. We like the crispy crust.

 photo a06_zps73443d80.jpg

Sandwiches (Smokes salmon + chive cream cheese, cured ham + mustard pickles, organic egg mayo + spring onions, Corn fed chicken + tarragon mayo)

 photo a07_zpsd6781ff2.jpg

Éclairs and tea cakes. The macarons were one of the better ones we had here in Singapore. Tea cups a bit too dry.

 photo a08_zps5c096554.jpg

We also ordered some additional items, such as this Half dozen "Fine de Claire" oysters with shallot vinegar (S$37)

 photo a09_zpse4726730.jpg

And the Crispy fried baby squid with chilli and lime and piperade sauce (S$17). The squid was crispy, but a little bit tough.

 photo a10_zps378fe758.jpg

Grilled white peach, bresola salad with balsamic dressing (S$28)

 photo a11_zps3fc71fca.jpg

18 Marina Gardens Drive,
Flower Dome
Gardens By The Bay

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Au Petit Salut @ Harding Road

Au Petit Salut is quite an institution in Singapore. It has been around for years, and its current location in Dempsey has attracted quite a group of loyal diners.

 photo a01_zpscd0854a8.jpg

We had their special Passion Fruit Cocktail (S$12 per glass)

 photo a03_zpsfca59921.jpg

The bread rolls were fantastic. It was warm and full of the "freshly baked" flavours. They were also very generous in refilling our bread basket.

 photo a02_zps17453e25.jpg

As it is located in Dempsey, the whole surrounding is very laid back, just like in the countryside.

 photo a04_zps39408945.jpg

We ordered 2 special set lunch (S$36+ per person)

 photo a05_zps578376dd.jpg

First up was the starter of Baked Burgundy snails, bone marrow, garlic and parsley butter. A bit too salty, but the saltiness was covered by the fragrance of the garlic.

 photo a06_zps64f71ea5.jpg

The next appetizer was the Flaked smoked haddock, beetroot, Hibiscus purée and Ko Giku flowers

 photo a07_zpsde768848.jpg

We selected a special main for our set lunch. Artic Char fish, crushed violet potatoes, bacon and horseradish (add S$12). The fish was tender and juicy.

 photo a08_zps4eb94998.jpg

French duck leg confit, nashi pear, butternut pumpkin and vanilla purée and Verjuice (add S$12). Duck confit was good, however the skin was not crispy enough.

 photo a09_zps2d9bb02d.jpg

Dessert was the Soya Cheesecake, vanilla crumble and Jasmine sorbet

 photo a10_zps3a589662.jpg

and another off-menu item: Raspberry and lychee sabayon with Rose sorbet (add S$4)

 photo a11_zps0ff5f0f0.jpg

Ended our beautiful lunch with coffee and tea.

Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon

Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon is forever packed and full, especially during weekends. So it was quite a surprise to know that they had empty seats during weekday lunch recently.

 photo a01_zpsac1e2918.jpg

It's quite dark inside, but bright enough to see what you are eating. Service was polite and prompt.

 photo a02_zpse95e0a3e.jpg

Here are some of the food we ordered for lunch:

 photo a03_zps1903b31d.jpg

Steamed minced pork with salted fish - This went really well with white rice.

 photo a04_zps9e922784.jpg

Steamed sea perch with cordyceps flower, mushroom and dried orange peel - Another excellent dish to accompany white rice. The dried orange peel helped to get rid of any fishy smell.

 photo a05_zpsc71b4418.jpg

Sea cucumber stuffed with minced kurobuta pork and prawn paste - The fillings were moist and smooth.

 photo a06_zps1e5a7149.jpg

Watercress pork ribs soup

 photo a07_zps5f792892.jpg

Stew beef ribs with tomato served with mustard sauce. Very unique as it was done "Chinese style".

 photo a08_zpse521ce2d.jpg

Chinese mustard with scallop and shrimp roe

Crystal Jade Golden Palace
290 Orchard Road

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Sabio by the Sea @ Quayside Isle

Those who have not been to Sentosa Cove would not have recognised this place. In just over a few years, this former reclaim land is now home to many rich and famous Singaporeans and overseas residents, with many owning a yatch or two..

 photo a01_zps19c9027a.jpg

The restaurant we are going today is Sabio, which first opened along Duxton Hill.

 photo a03_zps137caac9.jpg

Their branch at Sentosa has a really relaxed seaside resort feel.

 photo a02_zps32d1c538.jpg

 photo a04_zps1de89173.jpg

As with all visits to most Spanish restaurants, it is mandatory for us to order a jug of refreshing Red Sangria (S$46 per jug).

 photo a05_zps85276479.jpg

First came the Tomato bread (S$6)

 photo a06_zps79215490.jpg

We like the Baby sardine in olive oil (S$19). Delicious to nibble on.

 photo a07_zpsffbae28f.jpg

The drinks went well with Spanish ham and sausage (S$27)

 photo a08_zpsa998977a.jpg

One of our favourite dish here - Patatas alioli. Fried potato with garlic mayonnaise (S$9). The potatoes were crispy on the outside, and fluffy and smooth in the inside.

 photo a09_zps19325b5d.jpg

Sea scallop with sparkling white wine sauce (S$16)

 photo a10_zpseae0bbd1.jpg

Chicken skewer in garlic queso manchego (S$16). The chicken was tender and juicy.

 photo a11_zpseaac1df9.jpg

La Medula (S$19) - Grilled bone marrow, toasted baguette with Serano Butter

 photo a12_zps42744b0c.jpg

La Carne (S$39.00) Grilled ribeye (300g), salsa de Tomate Picante, grilled pinentos. I think we over-ordered and could not finish the food. But the ribeye, although not of good quality cut, was okay for us,

Sabio by the Sea
31 Ocean Way
Quayside Isle