Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Pavilion @ The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

Been a long time since we had lunch at Summer Pavilion over at Ritz Carlton. Summer Pavilion has always been one of the Chinese restaurant with excellent service.

 photo a01_zpsbea1fe8d.jpg

These big windows reminded me of the TIE Fighters.

 photo a02_zpsf0022e37.jpg

Summer Pavilion has a very homely feeling to it. The restaurant isn't too big, and the service is great.

 photo a03_zps8a0fe68a.jpg

Chinese Tea and crackers (S$5 per person)

 photo a04_zps64d8dcc6.jpg

Braised Beef Brisket with Turnip (S$8 per portion) - Was yearning for a bowl of white rice to go with the gravy

 photo a05_zps0ca2d4fa.jpg

Double Boiled Soup of the day (S$16 per person) - Something to warm the tummy

 photo a06_zps5ff423de.jpg

Steamed rice skin rolls with shredded pork, mushroom and sze chuan vegetables (S$6 for 3 pieces) - Something different from the normal chee cheong fun. A healthier version. Taste wise, I prefer the unhealthy ones. Hehe

 photo a07_zpsae638d10.jpg

Poached live sea whelk (S$S$25 per 100g - S$125 for 500g) - Everyone was looking at our table when it was served. I guess not many people will order seafood for lunch. Really glad to have ordered this, as the meat was sweet and tender.

 photo a08_zpse89d8923.jpg

Steamed pork and prawn dumplings with mushrooms (S$5.20 for 4 pieces)

 photo a09_zps4a214e2a.jpg

Deep-fried crab meat puff with bacon, golden mushrooms and onion (S$S$2.50 per piece) - Something we won't order the next time. A bit too dry and underwhelm.

 photo a11_zps6d5e1614.jpg

Mango Sago (S$10) and Almond Tea (S$10)

Summer Pavilion
3rd Floor,
The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore,
7 Raffles Avenue