Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BonChon Chicken @ Bugis+

When we have cravings for crispy fried chicken, we will always think of 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. We are unsure if this BonChon chicken is related to the 4 Fingers BonChon over at ION Orchard, but both shops basically sell the same thing - fried chicken.

 photo a01_zps07c49470.jpg

We were here at around 9pm on a weekend, and the dinner crowd is almost gone. Hence, the service was prompt and our fried chicken came in just 15 minutes.

 photo a02_zps76c19497.jpg

As we had a terrifying experience of the spicy sauce crispy chicken at 4 Fingers, we decided to skip that and ordered the Soy Garlic, which is essentially Korean soya sauce (a bit sweet) with a rather weak garlic taste. The crispy chicken were really good. We had wings and drumsticks, and we thought the drumsticks were rather dry. So do order the wings next time.

Those who want an alternative to KFC / Popeyes / Texas, may want to try this the next time.

BonChon Chicken
201 Victoria Street

Friday, May 24, 2013

Genki Sushi @ Chinatown Point

The Japanese are just number one when it comes to mixing innovation, fun and a bit of cuteness. And you can find all of these in Genki Sushi, which returns to Singapore a few months ago with 2 restaurants at Orchard Central, and at the newly revamped Chinatown Point.

 photo a01_zpsc34e53fc.jpg

The crowd puller here, is no doubt the Shinkansen delivery system. Unlike in other conveyor belt sushi restaurants where the sushi rotates till god-knows-when, here the food is sent directly to the customer's table using a super high speed moving "tray". It's really cute and fun. But please remember to press the flashing green button to send the "train" or "car" back to the kitchen!

 photo a03_zps37fda5bd.jpg

Unlike other sushi chains, here diners are given one big bottle of instant green tea powder. One small spoonful is more than enough for a big cup of matcha. So do be careful when adding the powder into the cups.

 photo a04_zps28706cc1.jpg

Grilled corn sushi. The grilled corn was sweet. Quite good.

 photo a07_zps28b5bace.jpg

Ebi Sushi done in 3 ways.

 photo a02_zpsc5efd098.jpg

At Genki Sushi, there is no need to wave for attention from the service staffs. All tables are given one iPad and you basically send your orders electronically. How efficient and fuss-free is that.

 photo a06_zps15df8a08.jpg

One of their best sellers - Tempura prawns sushi. The prawns are much bigger than the rice!

 photo a08_zps40b24e1c.jpg

Egg omelette sushi, served in the very cute Hello Kitty plate.

 photo a12_zpsf5fc0ea9.jpg

Roasted squid sushi. We like this too.

 photo a13_zps3604422d.jpg

Fried Tofu sushi

 photo a14_zpsad758998.jpg

Soft shell crab handroll

 photo a15_zps78c7967f.jpg

Soft shell crab rolls

 photo a05_zps003ac73b.jpg

The kids really enjoy seeing the trains moving up and down. But please be careful so that your kids will not "lang-gah" with the trains!

 photo a16_zps63165d01.jpg

Diners are encouraged to insert the empty plates into their plate returning system found at every table. There is a surprise for that. which I will reveal later.

 photo a18_zps047d96c5.jpg

Closer look at the special Hello Kitty plate.

 photo a19_zps95ef4aa5.jpg

Shrimp roll sushi

 photo a17_zps51bf3c42.jpg

As I was saying, there will be a surprise if you insert the plates into the plate returning system. After every 8 or 10 plates returned, you will have a chance to play the "jackpot" on the iPad. The jackpot game automatically appears on your iPad after you have fulfilled the number of returned plates. We didn't win anything, but you can win a 10% discount on your meal.

 photo a09_zps10a10863.jpg

More food coming from the Shinkansen.

 photo a11_zps18d564b5.jpg

Crispy vegetable Kariage.

 photo a10_zpse65bd643.jpg

Crispy breaded prawns, which we think were a bit too oily.

 photo a20_zps5157c4af.jpg

Desserts came in the F1 racer.

 photo a21_zps32184b3f.jpg

Red bean ice-cream and Yuzu sorbet.

The prices here are extremely affordable (same range as Sakae Sushi). But the food here is much better than Sakae Sushi. Had a lot of fun here.

Genki Sushi
133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Windowsill Pies @ Horne Road

Hidden among the old shophouses next to Jalan Besar Stadium is a quirky looking cafe. And this cafe has been packing in crowds on weekends for their creative dessert pies. The name too, is quirky - Windowsill Pies.

 photo a01_zps099c0dfd.jpg

The cafe is run by 2 young brothers, and we are here on a Friday late evening to try out their yummy pies which we heard from word of mouth.

I would like to compliment the owners of this cafe for the excellent service we enjoyed. STB or some agency should give them an award just for their wonderful warm service!

 photo a02_zps8bf76305.jpg

The cafe serves special Gryphon Tea where the tea leaves are not available readily from the supermarkets.

 photo a03_zps9d30b4c5.jpg

Tea (S$6 per pot). We had the Muscato Blanc, which was one of the best tea we had like ever. The aroma of Muscat grapes, hints of red wine taste all infused into the tea.

 photo a04_zpsf13c27ad.jpg

Steak Diane (S$23). Let's be honest here. This is not a place for mains and "serious food". The steak was okay, but not of exceptional quality.

 photo a05_zps77ad196a.jpg

Steak Quatro Fromage (S$25). Full of thick yummy cheese sauce.

 photo a06_zps8d70cd43.jpg

We came here for this. The pies. And there are so much to choose from.

 photo a07_zpsea21988c.jpg

Strawberry Lemon Pie (S$7), Sam Willows Pie (S$7.50) and Banana Pie (S$7). All were really yummy. So yummy, we decided to order 2 more.

 photo a08_zps30ba63b1.jpg

Easter Special Pie (S$7.50) and Funny Applie Pie (S$7.50). Burp. It was really good.

Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dolce Vita @ Mandarin Oriental

Even though Dolce Vita has been serving yummy Italian cuisines for some time now, but we have not been back here often, due to the many new Italian restaurants opening all over town.

 photo a01_zps2c79f9d9.jpg

We are back here to check on the pastas and other Italian cuisines that made Dolce Vita famous, and of course to enjoy the beautiful Marina Bay view.

 photo a02_zps894ed405.jpg

Warm bread rolls were served with various olive oil and dipping pastes.

 photo a03_zpsf1b37d11.jpg

First up, all diners get the Chicken roulade and foie gras powder

 photo a04_zps12de3e98.jpg

Had the Minestrone di Astice. Lobster bisque minestrone with seared Hokkaido scallop and basil pesto. Soup tasted yummy.

 photo a05_zps996d7310.jpg

Carpaccio di Capesante. Carpaccio of citrus marinated Hokkaido scallop with Sturia selection prestige caviar and baby cress salad. A very refreshing starter to start our dinner.

 photo a06_zps3008ed84.jpg

Cannelloni di granchio. Jumbo crab tartare wrapped in lobster bisque jelly, hass avocado mousse, spicy mango salsa and lemon zest dressing. This is one dish which we had not seen in other Italian restaurants before, especially the way they presented it.

 photo a07_zps07383e60.jpg

Risotto al tartufo. Acquerello risotto with black truffles, sautéed mushroom, seared foie gras and white truffle foam. The risotto was cooked till perfect.

 photo a08_zps00f0c554.jpg

Tris di pasta - Here, we have 3 different kinds of pasta all presented as one main. Great for those who wants varieties.

 photo a09_zps34cc8a94.jpg

Fettuccine in anchovies, capers, olives, parsley and tomatoes. This was the best pasta we had for the night. You can literally taste the delicious sweet seafood in the sauce.

 photo a10_zps9b239287.jpg

Fettuccine with bacon, egg yolk, cream, Parmigiano reggiano and pepper. Very creamy and tasty too.

 photo a11_zpsf2a13edf.jpg

Seared red mullet and scallop with fricassee of green peas and lobster essence

 photo a12_zps802dd712.jpg

Ended our dinner with the classic dessert - Tiramisu della nonna. Classic Italian tiramisu with fresh mascarpone cheese and savoiardi biscuits

 photo a13_zpse5eafe42.jpg

And also this Mango e frutto della passione with honey pineapple, cassonade meringue and coconut ice cream

 photo a14_zps8e1b8199.jpg

Dolce Vita
5 Raffles Ave
Mandarin Oriental

Monday, May 13, 2013

Space @ My Humble House

Space @ My Humble House has been one of our favourite little corner in the city where it is never too crowded, and that we can have something fast and delicious anytime of the day. It helps that the food is cooked in the same kitchen of My Humble House.

 photo a01_zpsba5f82c8.jpg

The decor inside is calm and has a "zen" look.

 photo a02_zps4f0a72de.jpg

Free iced water is served here to all diners.

 photo a03_zps4ea02ebe.jpg

This is my 1st time trying the Claypot Beef Rice (S$14). Very tender chunks of beef brisket with white radish that has been simmered in the gravy for hours. Went really well with the bowl of white fragrant rice.

 photo a04_zps0c3fc014.jpg

One of their specialty is the Claypot Jasmine Rice with Crabmeat and Shrimp in Consomme (S$12). The best thing here is the consomme, which is full of seafood flavours. I highly recommend this to all 1st time diners here.

 photo a05_zps07d8fc58.jpg

Fried stick doughs with Chilli Crab Sauce. Sauce was full of crab meat, but we wished they were more generous with the gravy.

 photo a06_zpsf1958e62.jpg

Siew Mai. Good but nothing special.

 photo a07_zpsac85d8ca.jpg

We didn't really like the Crispy fried buns with salted egg yolk. Egg yolk was dry and not the creamy type.

 photo a09_zps3d2216e6.jpg

Another mains worth trying is the Mama Leong's Chicken Rice (S$12 per set). The rice is fragrant and the set even comes with a double boiled soup.

 photo a08_zpsed5b90fc.jpg

Crispy silver fish in duck yolk batter. Great snack to order while waiting for your main to arrive.

Space @ My Humble House
8 Raffles Place
Esplanade Mall