Monday, July 29, 2013

Quan Xiang Yuan (Jing Ji) Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Besar

Although there is quite a number of Hokkien Chinese in Singapore, but most of the Chinese restaurants located here are Cantonese restaurants. Only a few traditional Hokkien restaurants continues to flourish today, and Quan Xiang Yuan is one of the few left.

 photo a01_zpsa4a4b2dd.jpg

Started our Hokkien dinner with a platter of crispy prawn rolls mix and match with tangy pork liver slices. The pork over was tender and did not have any "internal organs" taste. The tangy sauce went well with the liver. Prawn Fritters (Har Chor) was crispy on the outside, and juicy in the inside.

 photo a02_zps59474973.jpg

Like the big bowl of Fish Maw Soup. Chokeful of ingredients and can fill about 8 bowls.

 photo a03_zps4191c47e.jpg

Simple Chinese spinach with minced garlic.

 photo a04_zpsa03ddb27.jpg

Another of their star dish - Braised Pork with Lotus Buns. The pork was really tender and went well with the soft lotus buns.

 photo a05_zps4c0f0d3d.jpg

We also enjoyed the Yam Ring with minced prawns and chicken.

 photo a06_zpsd5456208.jpg

A very old-school traditional Hokkien restaurant. Price is really reasonable (one of the cheapest) and the whole place is air-con. Reservations on weekends are a must.

Quan Xiang Yuan (Jing Ji) Seafood Restaurant
252 Jalan Besar

Friday, July 26, 2013

Waterfall Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel

I think after 2 brunches at Waterfall Café, it's fair to say that they are one of the best place for weekend brunch. After the previous Sunday brunch buffet, we are back here on a Saturday afternoon for their ala carte brunch.

 photo a01_zps645cfc1c.jpg

Waterfall Café has a very inviting entrance, where fresh produces breads are laid out on the counters.

 photo a02_zps34b3d419.jpg

Although it is called Waterfall Café, but the waterfall is actually not very visible from the restaurant. It is located just outside of it.

 photo a03_zpsfb89c28e.jpg

But of course, diners here are treated to a different view, the swimming pool.

 photo a04_zps44377060.jpg

Freshly baked bread are served, and the bread comes in 4 different varieties.

 photo a06_zps4f90fd3a.jpg

A shot of the group dining room.

 photo a05_zps59cf145f.jpg

A bottle of tap water is placed on each table.

 photo a07_zpse2eb9319.jpg

For starters, we had the Pan seared foie gras, apricot and almond chutney, cucumber and arugula, vanilla sherry dressing (S$26). Foie Gras was creamy and not too oily.

 photo a08_zps9c926e19.jpg

Jerusalem artichoke velouté, poached cranberries, toasted hazelnut, black trumpet mushroom (S$14). The soup was served warm and had a very unique and delicious taste.

 photo a09_zps3a7f6140.jpg

This is one of my favourite salad - Organic quinoa salad, baby spinach, red cabbage and raisin with roasted lamb rump (S$25). I like the contrasting texture of the crunchy quinoa with the juicy cabbage and spinach salad. The dressing was good too.

 photo a10_zps9d2a1d15.jpg

Roasted barramundi, pink peppercorn and Indian coriander gastrique, steam bok choy, pequillo peppers and grape (S$30) - Fish was very fresh.

 photo a11_zps03006d90.jpg

Grilled trout, steamed spring vegetable fricassée, lemon relish (S$25) - This grilled trout is a feast to the eyes and the mouth. Very colourful and full of contrasting flavours.

 photo a12_zpsb47179a8.jpg

We felt a little let down by this dessert. Wasn't as good as their mains and appetizers. Kiwi and strawberry feuillantine, pistachio chiboust cream and passion fruit coulis (S$10)

 photo a13_zps175d77fe.jpg

But we very much enjoyed the Blueberry cobbler with grains of paradise and warm almond crumble with vanilla ice cream (S$14). Especially when mixing together the warm crumble together with the cold vanilla ice cream.

Waterfall Cafe
22 Orange Grove Road
Garden Wing,
Level One
Shangri-La Hotel

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Club Street Social @ Gemmil Lane

A few months ago, we wanted to have brunch at Club Street Social. But there were a long queue outside and we decided to come back again. This time, the crowd is much lesser, and we manage to get a table immediately.

 photo a01_zpsb1e6690b.jpg

The whole café / bistro is kind of what you will find in New York. A very relaxed informal place to find your drink and some brunch.

 photo a02_zpsac8904cd.jpg

Started off our brunch with a Salad - Watermelon, Tomato, Ricotta (S$14). The colours were very striking. Red and white. Watermelon was sweet and we enjoyed the tangy tomatoes and creamy cheese.

 photo a04_zps72929346.jpg

Beef Broth + Porcini Ravioli (S$12). A bit too salty. Will skip this the next time.

 photo a03_zps0a096f9f.jpg

Scrambled Eggs, Fontina, Chives (S$12) with additional Pork Sausage (S$3). Thumbs up for the creamy scrambled eggs. The toasts and sausage were quite forgettable.

 photo a05_zpsc161ed73.jpg

Panini - Pan Seared Lobster, Avocado and Yuzu Mayo (S$28). If I were to return to Club Street Social, it will be for their lobster Panini. It was chokeful of sweet lobster chunks, and mixed with creamy avocado. The Yuzu mayo added some tangy flavour to this wonderful Panini sandwich. Thumbs up.

 photo a06_zps5330c334.jpg

Milkbar Salted Caramel S'more (S$8) - I think we ordered too much carbo bread items. We couldn't finish this in the end.

 photo a07_zpsf6f1c904.jpg

Berries with Vanilla Mascarpone (S$9) - And we find this so so only.

Club Street Social
5 Gemmil Lane

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canton Paradise @ 112 Katong

One of our favourite place for Dim Sum is at Taste Paradise. Most of the items are of good quality and taste. But one problem is that Dim Sum is only served during lunch time.

 photo a01_zpsfd3c2b18.jpg

Imagine our surprise when we found out that its sister restaurant Canton Paradise is now serving the same dim sum for dinner too. In fact, it's whole day "breakfast" dim sum.

 photo a02_zps5b2f53ae.jpg

We were there for dinner, and ordered their double boiled soup which was of good value.

 photo a03_zpsd0642626.jpg

Crispy roast pork with crackling skin.

 photo a05_zpsa6419cce.jpg

The chee cheong fun with fragrant chai por is the unique dim sum item here. It is very very delicious, much better than the normal prawn chee cheong fun. Try it.

 photo a08_zps392125de.jpg

Pan fried carrot cake with lup cheong and dried hae-bee.

 photo a09_zps1771c383.jpg

Like their chicken claws too.

 photo a11_zps41fd8901.jpg

Other than dim sum, we also ordered their fried Ee-Fu noodles. Nice wok hei.

 photo a10_zps2acf57ae.jpg

We find the stir fry long beans with minced pork quite ordinary.

 photo a07_zpsa4227bc4.jpg

Another must order here is the "Liu Sha Bao", which is steamed white fluffy buns with piping hot salted egg yolk fillings.

 photo a04_zpsf3468663.jpg

The usual suspects: Siew Mai

 photo a06_zps89634adb.jpg

and of course, Har Kow.

Canton Paradise
112 Katong
112 East Coast Road

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

LaBrezza @ The St. Regis

Many hotels in Singapore live to pamper diners with brunch buffet, and St Regis is no different. The hotel has not 1, but 3 different brunches.

 photo a01_zps12ad8013.jpg

We are here today for the Italian brunch at LaBrezza next to the pool. Everyone here looks so relaxed, even the statues!

 photo a02_zpsc69783e8.jpg

The buffet has not as many items as other brunch. But most of the stuffs here are of better quality. And this means that you get to eat every single item on the buffet table.

 photo a03_zpsad6d074a.jpg

Brunch with Free flow Prosecco D.O.C.G Adami (S$98++ per person)

 photo a04_zps2eed4001.jpg

Everything here is just so colourful and fresh. A great start to the weekend.

 photo a06_zpsf390f9eb.jpg

Sweet and juicy heirloom tomatoes

 photo a05_zpse07127ec.jpg

Cold black truffle angel hair pasta, 24 months cured parma prosciutto with rockmelon, ham, cold egg rolls, crunch sweet prawns (deshelled)

 photo a07_zpsc8c8bd37.jpg

Besides the buffet dishes, there were unlimited ala-carte dishes which are made-to-order. We like the Eggs Napoli - Poached egg and tomato on grilled chiabatta bread with pesto and mozzarella

 photo a08_zps99e47c40.jpg

One of the best carbonara we ever had, cooked with eggs and pancetta. Portions are kept small so you can try everything on their menu.

 photo a09_zpsb4e03a99.jpg

Grilled Sea Bass with lemon and olive oil. The skin is O-So-Crispy. Delish!

 photo a10_zps90764236.jpg

Beef Striploin - A bit chewy, but nevertheless still good.

 photo a11_zps546b6ed0.jpg

Grilled Australian Lamb Chops with lemon mint marinade and roasted potatoes. The potatoes were a joy to eat.

 photo a12_zps7c0fa29a.jpg

Brunch comes with free flow fruit juice. (Apple and Pineapple juice)

 photo a13_zps203a30ca.jpg

Chef's special risotto. Really excellent stuff. Small tasting portion, risotto cooked with quality crème and butter. Yummy

 photo a14_zps5a1dfdd5.jpg

Grilled cuttlefish - Not that wonderful

 photo a15_zps8bb7e2cd.jpg

Fresh sliced fruit with honey yogurt

 photo a16_zpsc0fffb70.jpg

Selection of ice-cream and gelato

 photo a17_zps52dcb722.jpg

Excellent Tiramisu with whipped mascarpone cheese, espresso, lady finger biscuits. We had 2 servings of this. Forget about the other dessert, and just order this.

 photo a18_zps2131c21d.jpg

Pistachio cannoli with candied lemon

 photo a19_zpse936d5df.jpg

It was one of the better brunch we had in Singapore. I really enjoyed the food here, plus the poolside atmosphere. Highly recommended.

(Located next to swimming pool)
The St. Regis,
29 Tanglin Road