Friday, April 19, 2013

L'angelus @ Club Street

L'angelus which is located along Club Street, has been serving traditional French food for a long time. We have been here a few years back, and tonight we are back for some hearty French food.

 photo a01_zpsa48628d4.jpg

Upon arrival, the service staff will bring out warm and freshly baked bread rolls. It tasted heavenly with the French butter.

 photo a02_zps65914390.jpg

The restaurant looked empty at 7pm, but it was almost full by 8pm on a weekday night.

 photo a03_zpsa5125e07.jpg

One of their most unique display item is this pigeon hole cabinet. We ordered the very value for money S$52 Fetival Set Menu (valid only from Mon - Thu)

 photo a04_zps0fb13ddd.jpg

1st up was the delicious Burgundy snails in clay pot. A little bit salty, but nevertheless very tasty.

 photo a05_zps9cc9d0db.jpg

Soup of the day - Pumpkin soup

 photo a06_zps06b4d5dd.jpg

Ala carte order of Foie Gras Poele(S$38). The foie gras here is of a very generous serving. Best shared among 3 or 4 diners.

 photo a07_zps5102a333.jpg

For the mains , we had the Grilled cod "a la Basquaise". Light and fresh cod fish baked in a tangy tomato gravy with fresh vegetables.

 photo a08_zpsf01e69d2.jpg

Beef Stew "a la Provencale" - The beef stew was not as tasty as we had hoped for. The fresh pasta was good though.

 photo a09_zpsffedc662.jpg

Famous hot chocolate cake - One of their signature dessert. It's actually a lava chocolate cake with pipping hot warm chocolate fudge oozing out from the cake.

 photo a10_zps5e5712b5.jpg

Another ala carte order - Tarte Aux Pommes (S$16). This is again another of their signature dish. Crispy warm apple tart with cold creamy ice-cream. Yums.

 photo a11_zpsfc723035.jpg

and the Fresh strawberry melba

 photo a12_zps64f764b8.jpg

Ended our dinner with French tea that comes with crispy macarons.

 photo a13_zpsb15df58a.jpg

One thing I always enjoy looking at here are all the tea cup candle holders. They have different designs and my favourite is the one with famous buildings of Paris.

85 Club Street

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spathe Public House @ Mohamed Sultan Road

When most Singaporeans pass by this eatery along Mohamed Sultan Road, I think they will think of a "public bath house". Of course, Spathe is none of that.

 photo a01_zps36ed8a3c.jpg

Spathe actually serves large portion of food which are meant to be shared among diners.

 photo a02_zpsf58f4b9f.jpg

We like the funky designs in the restaurant.

 photo a03_zps63e414c9.jpg

First up was this 12-Hours Slow Cooked Pork Belly (S$24) with whole grain mustard, poached egg, Bordelaise sauce and creamy mashed potatoes. The pork was fork tender.

 photo a04_zps236e67e1.jpg

Yellow Fin Tuna Poke (S$18) - Crispy shallots, avocados, shiso & yuzu vinaigrette

 photo a05_zpsbf0536d7.jpg

This was one of the best salad we had for a long time - Sous Vide Spanish Octopus Salad (S$18) with baby spinach, orange, garlic soil, honey, wholegrain mustard vinaigrette. It's a great salad for a hot summer day. Fruity, tangy and full of goodness.

 photo a06_zps4b2a0138.jpg

Charcoal-smoked Tomato Soup (S$11) with Crispy St Maure goat cheese and basil oil. Those who don't like heavy goat cheese should avoid this dish. It was interesting to note that this tomato soup was in fact creamy white in colour.

 photo a07_zps72c00a04.jpg

Confit Duck Puff with Foie Gras (S$18+S$9) with roasted onions

 photo a08_zps4560f8e1.jpg

Didn't really find the dessert nice - Sticky Toffee Pudding (S$12) with rum and raisins ice-cream

 photo a09_zpse6062826.jpg

Spathe Public House
8 Mohamed Sultan Road

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tung Lok Classics @ Orchard Parade Hotel

A backentry post for one of the Lunar New Year lunch at Tung Lok Classics. As it was the festive period, we paid S$230 per person for the Chinese New Year lunch.
 photo a01_zps7bfa56f7.jpg
Started our CNY lunch with this unique Stir fried shark's fin and ham served with superior stock wrapped in paper. The ingredients were wrapped inside paper, and the sweet broth was poured into a cup.

 photo a02_zps10ae991e.jpg

Braised green lip abalone with black moss and pea shoot. What is Chinese New Year without abalone?

 photo a03_zps74dc31c0.jpg

A special Chinese New Year dish where each ingredient represents a person in the family. A very cute dish not seen in many restaurants.

 photo a04_zps364739e3.jpg

Cod fillet with onion sauce

 photo a05_zps598ff68a.jpg

Pan fried Kurobuta pork, which was tender and juicy.

 photo a06_zps8109b8cd.jpg

Fruit juice served in test tube, a signature here in Tung Lok.

 photo a07_zpsc7c69da8.jpg

Coconut milk with almond milk and hashima 雪蛤. It came with a dramatic entrance with fire.

 photo a08_zps408a0724.jpg

Beautiful Chinese New Year desserts

 photo a09_zps76b1710b.jpg

Chinese New Year Niangao from Tung Lok, with compliments.

Tung Lok Classics
1 Tanglin Road
Orchard Parade Hotel

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crystal Jade Pristine @ Scotts Square

Crystal Jade recently revamped its restaurant at Scotts Square, and came up with a new concept of Crystal Jade Pristine.

 photo a01_zpsc6de8996.jpg

Here, the dishes are geared towards healthy and wholesome food made with quality ingredients.

 photo a02_zpsbb074860.jpg

You will be able to find out which country did each ingredient come from. Very informative.

 photo a03_zps7b72e3c4.jpg

We are here for lunch and here are some dishes we had.

 photo a04_zpsef26bcab.jpg

Started our lunch with a Double boiled Sea Whelk Chicken Soup with Mushroom (S$23 per person). The sea whelk is from US, mushroom from Yunnan, and Kampung Chicken from Malaysia.

 photo a05_zps4acc7bc8.jpg

Seafood Soup with Tiger Mushrooms (S$28 per person). Consists of Japanese mushrooms, Sea Cucumber from Philippines and US Sea Whelk.

 photo a06_zps5bc1230b.jpg

We enjoyed this crispy Scallops with Vegetables paste coated with almond flakes (S$12). The scallops are from Australia, and the almonds from US.

 photo a07_zpsac44befb.jpg

A delicous and healthy mix of Mixed Grain with Yam and Lily bulb (S$8 per person). Made of lot's of nutritious ingredients such as Australian organic pumpkin and Lily bulbs from Cameron Highland.

 photo a08_zpsc136204d.jpg

Cod Fish Belly Tofu (S$18). What's special here is that they make their own Tofu.

 photo a09_zps8a931ba5.jpg

Pork Ribs with Hawthorn Plum sauce (S$12 per person). The sauce had a citrus taste to it.

Crystal Jade Pristine
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square