Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House of Indocafe @ Scotts Road

Many of you would have noticed this row of black and white bungalows along Scotts Road. A few have reopened as restaurants.

 photo a01_zpsf0eb4fce.jpg

Today, we are at Indocafe's flagship building in Singapore.

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Every afternoon, Indocafe serves their signature Peranakan Sparkling High Tea. We ordered the set that comes with Moscato d'Asti (S$49++ per person) inclusive of tea or coffee.

 photo a04_zps9dadeaa2.jpg

On weekends, you get to enjoy cultural performances during High Tea. This is really unique as compared to other high-tea places.

 photo a05_zpsff3ae73d.jpg

Here comes the beautiful afternoon tea set!

 photo a11_zps2af8d268.jpg

Assorted Scones, which can be refilled as many times as you want.

 photo a10_zpse7ece952.jpg

For the sweers, we have assorted cheesecakes, macarons, cakes, and desserts in glass. The sweets can all be refilled as many times as you want.

 photo a09_zps9ae0b912.jpg

Nonya Kuehs (these are non-refillable). The Kuehs are very authentic!

 photo a08_zpsa875dbd5.jpg

the peranakan savoury dishes (these are non-refillable) - Mini steamed Penang Otah with Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop, Kurobuta Buah Keluak on Crispy Man Tou, Kari Kapitan Tartlet with Idaho Potato Mousse, and Foie Gras Mousse Tartlet with Pickled Papaya. They were all delish!

 photo a07_zps1418079a.jpg

Indocafe's coffee - Thick and fragrant

 photo a06_zps00345b07.jpg

Indocafe's Organic Tea Selections

 photo a03_zps773ba12f.jpg

Diners get to enjoy afternoon tea in a local setting

 photo a12_zpsf0b12d45.jpg

Plus buy Indocafe's special coffee beans after the high tea. We enjoyed the Peranakan afternoon-tea very much, and it's a wonderful place to bring your whole family to.

House of Indocafe
35/35A Scotts Road
Afternoon Tea served daily from 3pm - 5:30pm

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Windowsill Pies @ Horne Road

Today we are visiting one of the very few pie shops in Singapore.

 photo a01_zps44e58b4f.jpg

 It is located along Horne Road, which is also very near to the forever-crowded Chye Seng Huat café. Windowsill Pies is located just next to the Jalan Besar Stadium, inside one of the old shophouse.

 photo a02_zps10ff62c7.jpg

Here they serve not only pies, but also some savouries which change every 2 weeks.

 photo a03_zps3315099f.jpg

The pies are displayed in this "garden chiller". Very cute right?

 photo a04_zps70d03250.jpg

We had Gryphon Tea, and had our favourite Moscato Blanc flavour, tasted like wine. Went well with the sweet pies.

 photo a05_zpsc76cd9ae.jpg

First the savouries. It was basically stewed 3 layered pork with crispy deep fried mantou. What was unique is the different condiments. There was the chilli, mango and orange which was slightly spicy and sweet. Next was Shizo and Yuzu, a very Japanese taste bun. Third was spring onions and pistachio pesto. And the last is the milk jam with crispy pork skin. They were all yummy.

 photo a06_zpsef11c551.jpg

And finally the pies. Our favourite are the Lemon Tart and the Cherry Pie. The pies change every week, and it may be sold out at a certain time. So do be adventurous and try out the different pies available.

Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road

Friday, January 03, 2014

LE Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar @ Suntec City Mall

We were very impressed with the food in LE Restaurant by Paradise Group that we went there again within a week!

 photo a01_zpsa7b1ccde.jpg

Business is now better, and the restaurant has a nice "zen" feel.

 photo a02_zps54949f3b.jpg

This is one of Paradise Group's best dim sum - Steamed rice rolls with preserved turnip fillings (S$6.80). It's so good that now it is available at a few of their Paradise group of restaurants.

 photo a03_zps7fae2fea.jpg

Steamed Winter Melon Roll with Yunnan Ham (S$6.80) with Oyster Sauce - Light and tasty

 photo a04_zps59974ad8.jpg

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings (S$6.80) - The XLB is comparable to those from DTF.

 photo a05_zpsd8693f27.jpg

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken (S$6.80 for 2 pieces) - Quite small, and you can finish one in 2 or 3 mouthfuls.

 photo a06_zpsd06cc5c0.jpg

Pork Siew Mai Skewers with Foie Gras (S$16.80 for 4) - Another of our favouries.

 photo a07_zps0c5b131a.jpg

USDA Beef with Mantou - a spin to the normal pork mantous, here juicy beef are used.

 photo a08_zps86943c6c.jpg

Double Boiled Cordycep Flowers Soup (S$12.80 per person) with jumbo dumpling

 photo a09_zps136387e2.jpg

Baked Escargot with Parmesan Pastry (S$9 for 4 pieces)

 photo a10_zps984ed5f0.jpg

Dirty Duck (S$38 for half duck) - Crispy braised duck. Another unique dish. The "dirt" is actually due to the deep frying process after the duck was braised.

 photo a11_zps48dccd27.jpg

Crispy duck is shredded, wrapped in homemade scallion crepe with condiments.

 photo a12_zps9a558a83.jpg

This is the signature dish here in Le Restaurant - Braised cherry foie gras with red wine (S$26) in cherry sauce. The whole thing looks like cherries but it is actually made of foie gras. The only thing cherry about this is the cherry sauce (which we cannot really taste). Still, it was worth an order.

 photo a13_zps13b6fe1f.jpg

Stir Fried Angel Hair with Sakura Prawns - We love their angel hair pasta here.

 photo a14_zps2db36b0a.jpg

Roasted lamp chop with red wine and cumin - Another of their signature dish. Some may not like the strong cumin taste, but others may find it acceptable.

 photo a15_zps8b145832.jpg

Chilled bird's nest on bed of apple and chrysanthemum jelly - A cooling end to a delicious brunch!

LE Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar
Suntec City Mall,
3 Temasek Boulevard