Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crystal Jade Pristine @ Scotts Square

Crystal Jade recently revamped its restaurant at Scotts Square, and came up with a new concept of Crystal Jade Pristine.

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Here, the dishes are geared towards healthy and wholesome food made with quality ingredients.

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You will be able to find out which country did each ingredient come from. Very informative.

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We are here for lunch and here are some dishes we had.

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Started our lunch with a Double boiled Sea Whelk Chicken Soup with Mushroom (S$23 per person). The sea whelk is from US, mushroom from Yunnan, and Kampung Chicken from Malaysia.

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Seafood Soup with Tiger Mushrooms (S$28 per person). Consists of Japanese mushrooms, Sea Cucumber from Philippines and US Sea Whelk.

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We enjoyed this crispy Scallops with Vegetables paste coated with almond flakes (S$12). The scallops are from Australia, and the almonds from US.

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A delicous and healthy mix of Mixed Grain with Yam and Lily bulb (S$8 per person). Made of lot's of nutritious ingredients such as Australian organic pumpkin and Lily bulbs from Cameron Highland.

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Cod Fish Belly Tofu (S$18). What's special here is that they make their own Tofu.

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Pork Ribs with Hawthorn Plum sauce (S$12 per person). The sauce had a citrus taste to it.

Crystal Jade Pristine
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square

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