Thursday, April 23, 2009

Casa Verde @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Casa Verde means green house in French. And this is a most suitable name for a cafe restaurant situated at the visitors centre of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which celebrated its 120th anniversary this year.

Casa Verde is a collaboration between the Les Amis group and Buko Nero restaurant. The cafe here serves popular food from both western and local categories. Cafe is pretty small especially when full, and the temperature may get a bit unberable if one chooses to go al-fresco.


There is a very unique circular magazine racks which had the latest food and lifestyle magazines for diners to browse while eating their food.

A point to note is that diners will first need to queue up infront of the counter to order their food and drinks. After that, then the food is served by the waiters at your table. So it is like a semi-self service cafe.


Notice how cute the little glass of grass looked on the table? haha

Now on with the food!


Casa Verde Salad - A combination of fresh green leaves and seasonal fresh fruits. Always nice to have fresh vegetables to go with the heavier meat dishes.


Sfilatino Casa Verde (House Specialty) - Mozzarella, Ham and Mushrooms a la Spring roll style. Served with Tomato Salsa dip. It is tasty when served pipping hot, but may get a bit too heavy after having a bit too much, so is better to share this dish. Love the mozzarella cheese.


Spaghetti Marinara - Tossed with prawns, squids, crab meat, salmon, olive oil and parsley with white wine sauce. A lovely medley of seafood and pasta. Quite a fail-proof dish.


Italian sausage with onion and red wine sauce, served with mashed potato. Sausage is of good quality. The mashed potato is warm and quite buttery.

Casa Verde
Visitors Centre
Singapore Botanic Garden

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