Monday, August 03, 2009

Nam Seng Wanton Mee @ Far East Square

Before the old red brick National Library disappeared, there used to be this small kopitiam next to it. One of the popular stall then was this wanton mee, which many students had their lunch/ dinner here in the midst of project discussions.


The wanton mee stall is now back at China Street Far East Square (same row as Ya Kun and opposite of Don's Pie). The whole shop is quite small, and diners would have to sit outside of the stall along the pavement. It could be quite warm during the afternoons. Find the noodles quite QQ and springy. Wanton and char siew was average. Price has gone up, with the smallest serving at S$4 per plate.

Overall, good old fashion wanton mee. Not bad. They also serve fried rice and hor fun at this stall.

Nam Seng Wanton Mee
25 China Street
Far East Square


  1. what is good wonton mee to you? the picture of the wonton mee is so pale... doesn't look exactly tasty....

  2. Wanton Mee should...err...look like Wanton Mee. Man! This certainly looks like standard Wanton Mee. 100% traditonal. 100% authentic. Anything that differs is non-standard Wanton Mee.

    1. The noodle is neither too thin nor thick; neither yellowish nor curly; neither too hard nor soft.

    2. The sauce is light in colour (not dark soya sauce). It is made from some stock (the minimum is bottled chicken sauce, hahaha).

    3. The char siew* are made from choice cut of the meat therefore can still hold its shape when sliced thin.

    4. The soup has some colour. That means it is probably made from anchovies.

    5. The wanton looks fluffly enough.

    6. The only thing that looks funny are the 2 strands of vegetable. Vegetable can't be that expensive!

    * Pork with burnt fats are BBQ pork. Pork that are fibrous, marbled and juicy red inside are roast lean pork. They are not real char siew. Char siew are white on the inside and looks quite dry. No artificial flavouring (sugar, honey, oyster sauce, sesame oil, etc.) are used but instead artficial colouring is used. Good char siew are sweet on their own.

  3. Wow, we have a wanton mee expert here! Hahaha. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your knowledge on wanton mee and char siew.

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