Monday, November 29, 2010

Meatworks @ ION Orchard

After its success in Kuala Lumpur, Meatworks decided to venture overseas and opened its first overseas restaurant across the Causeway in Singapore, in ION Orchard.


Occupying both the empty space outside of Three-Sixty Supermarket and also a unit next to Paradise Dynasty, we are here just barely 1 week after Meatworks opened its doors to the public.

As there were not much diners on a Sunday night, they did not open up their restaurant unit, but instead ushered all diners to the empty space next to the escalator.


Bacardi Housepour (S$10 per glass), one of the most famous brand name around the world.


We started our dinner with 2 portions of the Soup of the Day - Tomato Soup (S$8). The tomato soup was creamy and tasty, and should satisfy most tomato lovers. And the chef also did some beautiful patterns on top of the soup.


Also had the Fruit Salad (S$12) - Arugula, Raspberries, Strawberries, Granny Smith Apples, served with Citrus dressing, before our all-meat mains. Freshness is the word I would describe this salad. Everything is fresh and crunchy.


To company the read meats, we ordered the housepour red wine (S$12 per glass).


Lamb Rack (S$32) served with cous cous in traditional fresh mint sauce. Top marks for their lamb rack, which is juicy and tender. Special mention must be said about the creamy mashed potatoes, made of Yukon potatoes.


Tenderloin 220g (S$46) - Australian Diamantina Platinium angus, 150 days grain-fed. Both mains served with Yukon mashed and garden vegetables. The tenderloin though good, is still not as good as the lamb racks. But given the price, I must compliment them for the good quality choice of beef they have used for their steak.

Need to point out to all potential diners that we waited for a long time for the steak. Although they did tell us we need to wait for the steak as it takes some time to cook, but there was a 40 minutes gap between our appetizers (soup and salad) and the steak. And also, Meatworks tend to undercook their meats. The Lamb Rack I ordered had to be sent back to the kitchen for further cooking because when I ordered Medium Rare, I didn't expect the meat inside to be so raw. So for those who like Medium Rare, it's best to order Medium.

As they have just opened, everything has a 20% discount. Hopefully, they have ironed out all their problems by now.

2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard

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  1. The owner is Malaysia Minister Sharizat

    She and her family is now under investigation for CBT for misappropriating RM250 million for personal use.

    She owns two condos in Marina Bay Suites. Each costing more than SGD7 million !

    I wont want to have anything to do with this restaurant