Saturday, March 30, 2013

Amuse @ Orchard Hotel

We first came to know about Amuse after reading the news that the former Les Amis head chef has opoened a new Spanish tapas restaurant in the Orchard Hotel building facing Orchard Parade Hotel. Unfortunately, it was located in one of the most boring corner of Orchard Road, and we have never thought of visiting this place until a rainy weekday evening.

 photo a01_zpsd895e807.jpg

The rain was very big, and hence it was only 30% occupied.

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The Amuse restaurant is located just next to its sister restaurant Esmirada. And unknown to quite a few, you can actually cross order the Spanish dishes from both restaurants.

 photo a03_zps3819a98f.jpg

Mint Tea (S$5)

 photo a04_zps5ea0372c.jpg

Roasted pumpkin soup with prawn, pumpkin seed and cilantro (S$11). Soup was delicious, and was full of sweet roasted pumpkin puree.

 photo a05_zpsbdd7d13f.jpg

Many people came for this signature dish. Crispy pork crouton with (a) Iberico pork belly - S$14, (b) lightly smoked eel - S$21. With horseradish, Dijon mustard and greens The smoked eel version was "brought over" from Les Amis. We find it good, but not really over the top good. Not sure why everyone was raving about this dish here.

 photo a06_zps30b90dda.jpg

Grilled Spanish octopus with heirloom tomatoes, Austrian pumpkin seed oil (S$19). The octopus was juicy and not "leathery".

 photo a07_zps3536761d.jpg

Ciabatta wrapped crispy egg with prosciutto, spinach and mushroom ragout (S$15). Another dish "brought over" from Les Amis. We like this one better. A very comforting dish with a very pocket-friendly price.

 photo a08_zpsf18e6217.jpg

Braised pork ribs with dark beer, potato, balsamic onions and celery (S$16)

 photo a09_zps7380e908.jpg

Char grilled wagyu cubes cooked in hay (S$39).

 photo a10_zps41d5f8aa.jpg

Some may not be able to accept the "smokiness" of the beef. But all agreed that the beef was juicy and tender.

 photo a11_zps7904d8fc.jpg

Paella Valenciana. Spanish saffron rice with chicken, seafood and chorizo (S$35). We cross ordered this dish from Esmirada. It was okay we feel. Nothing to shout about.

 photo a12_zpsc05a08e9.jpg

Ended with a super tiny Tiramisu (S$6).

442 Orchard Road
Orchard Hotel


  1. Amuse is closing down, aren't they?

  2. Wanted to nominate you for Best Food Award but can't find your email!