Saturday, October 05, 2013

Taratata Bistrot @ Keong Saik Road

Had our first dinner at Taratata Bistrot not too long ago.

 photo a01_zps434ce0f9.jpg

This bistriot has opened for quite some time over at the ever changing Keong Saik Road which saw many restaurants come and go over the years.

 photo a02_zps3ff81c95.jpg

Thanks to the checkered floors, the entire restaurant has a "Parisian" feel to it.

 photo a03_zps0376bf8b.jpg

Started off our dinner with the Crab salad with mayonnaise and pomelo. Quite refreshing because of the pomelo. They were rather generous with the crab meat too.

 photo a04_zpsbadaa0f3.jpg

French onion soup - Not too salty, and it was pipping hot. Really hot.

 photo a05_zpsb109b8f1.jpg

Pan seared foie gras with caramelized pear - No visit to any French restaurant would be complete without having some foie gras.

 photo a06_zps49410131.jpg

Ordered a glass of red wine, but find the wine only so-so

 photo a07_zpsc5f41435.jpg

Duck confit - The skin is not very crispy, but the duck meat was juicy and flavourful.

 photo a08_zps6013a4f4.jpg

Kurobuta pork tenderloin -The pork was a little bit dry, but still acceptable.

 photo a09_zps7314c346.jpg

Apple pie - We didn't like this dessert. The "crust" was too dry and too much.

Taratata Bistrot
35A Keong Saik Road


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