Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Lawry's The Prime Rib @ Mandarin Gallery

Ever since Lawry's moved from Paragon to Mandarin Gallery, we have not been there. The place looks much bigger than previously, and is more spacious.

 photo a01_zps6205a130.jpg

We were here for brunch on a weekend, and as it was raining there were not much diners here.

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For brunch, we ordered the Signature Prime Rib Brunch (S$88) and the Weekend Brunch (S$88)

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We were recommended this Sake MIO (S$25 per bottle), which is a kind of sparkling sake. This a very delicious and easy to drink sake. Almost like a soft drink, but with the fragrance and taste of sake. Highly recommended.

 photo a04_zps312defee.jpg

The famous original spinning salad, where the server keeps spinning the metal bowl to "spin" out any remaining water from the lettuce.

 photo a05_zps36bc3a2a.jpg

Pretty good. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy. I enjoyed their salad dressing too.

 photo a06_zps4f94b5a9.jpg

Also ordered a bottle of Vecchia Storia Moscato (S$95 per bottle) to go with the steak.

 photo a07_zpsecd93913.jpg

Next comes the soup - Cream of Black Truffle Mushroom with Garlic Toast (for Weekend Brunch)

 photo a08_zps567c0718.jpg

Before we knew, the chef rolled out the special portable carving station where the beef is freshly sliced in front of diners.

 photo a09_zps1810d52d.jpg

Yorkshire Pudding, which is baked in small skillet until puffy and golden brown (for Prime Rib Brunch)

 photo a10_zps0c2f8aa7.jpg

Sides - Idaho Mashed Potatoes, Workshire Pudding and the Lawry's Cut (285g for Prime Rib Brunch). Beef was juicy and we had it medium done. It may not be as good as the popular "Wagyu" grade of beef served elsewhere, but the beef here remained juicy and full of "beefiness".

 photo a11_zpsbc8ef1ed.jpg

Grilled Wagyu Quarter Pounder Burger (for Weekend Brunch). We find this so-so only.

 photo a12_zps56e2c94f.jpg

Dessert Sampler (for Weekend Brunch) - Strawberry English Trifle, Blueberry Yoghurt & Lychee Sorbet.

This place is great for a lazy brunch or relaxing dinner. Good service and rather okay steaks.

Lawry's The Prime Rib
Mandarin Gallery,
333A Orchard Road

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