Sunday, June 07, 2009

Empress Jade @ Mount Faber

Empress Jade is a Singapore home cooked restaurant situatedat the new Jewel Box extension in Mt Faber.

With its consultant chef as Jereme Leung, who created the Whampoa chain of restaurants in Beijing, diners can expect some standards with the food and overall experience from the restaurant.


A view of the lobby of Jewel Box. Tried taking photos within the new extension, but it was just too dark. The view from the restaurant was nice though.


Double boiled old cucumber soup. It's on cold nights like these that a bowl of warm soup not only warms the body, but the heart.


Crispy baby squids with savoury sauce - A very Singaporean dish that is a hit everywhere. As long as the squid is crispy and sauce is tasty, you can't go wrong with this choice.


Prawns done in 2 styles - Stir fried with pepper and salt, and prawns deep fried in batter.


Paper wrapped chicken - Chokeful of ingredients like chestnuts and mushrooms and fungus. But the chicken is a bit dry.


Dessert was cream of almond with rice dumpling balls and candied almonds. A nice ending to the meal.

Overall, average food with a great view. Would encourage diners to come here in the evening to see the beautiful sunset, instead of coming late at nights.

Empress Jade
109 Mount Faber Road
3rd Floor The Jewel Box

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