Monday, June 01, 2009

Prosperity Kitchen @ Mohamed Sultan Road

Decided to make a return to Prosperity Kitchen @ Mohamed Sultan Road since food is not bad.

Worried about the future of the restaurant, empty at 7pm on weekend.


Cool down from the heat with a glass of Korean citrus fizzy drink. OK, it's basically Korean citrus + syrup + soda water. I think anyone can make this drink at home.


Tofu +Minced Beef Soup. Got a strong coriander taste in the soup.


Triple roast meats - crispy roast pork, juicy char siew + slightly dry roast duck. Shall stick to Char Siew + Roast Pork next time.


Stir Fry XO sauce long beans - Great with a bowl of rice.


Crispy deep fried sotongs with pepper and salt - Simple but tasty dish.


Pork cutlet - Meat is quite thin, but the bread crumbs is crunchy and meat is fresh.

Prosperity Kitchen
15 Mohamed Sultan Road

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  1. Maybe I will pop by and try... since you are worried about the eatery's future!