Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aoba Hokkaido Ramen @ ION Orchard

Aoba Hokkaido Ramen has been in Japan for many years, since 1947 to be exact.


The menu offers a wide range of Hokkaido style ramen, as what Aoba is famous for. Many people would not have guessed that Ajisen Ramen actually bought over the rights for Singapore franchise for Aoba.


The interior looks quite "Japanese", but I find the table quite cramp and little privacy between tables.


Recently, I am in a salad mood, and decided to get this Soft-Shell crab salad. The salad was quite small portion actually, but the crispy soft shell crab was good.


Shio Scallop Ramen (S$12.80) - A trademark of the Ramen here is that the soup is salty. So some may not like the saltiness.


Shoyu Cha Shu Ramen (S$12.80) - My Shoyu was less salty, but still more salty than the usual ramen (especially when compared to Tampopo). The Cha Shu was acceptable. The noodles was ok too.

Comparing Tampopo with Aoba, I would prefer the former due to the soup and noodles. But as taste is subjective, I think the best way is to try both and decide for yourself.

Aoba Hokkaido Ramen
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-25 ION Orchard

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