Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Handburger @ Raffles City

I had a good experience with The Handburger last month, so did a re-visit this month to try out some of their other burgers.


I like the concept of the restaurant, clean and bright. Nothing too fanciful.


I believe The Handburger bakes their own bread, as I can see an oven and also a chef making fresh dough from their see-through kitchen. Freshly baked breads are lined across the shelves.


This is the Original Handburger. Comes with cheese, preserved onion sauce, a thick beef patty, vegetables, bacon and a bun. The preserved onion goes very well with the beef patty.


I had the Tandoori chicken burger. The chicken thigh meat was marinated in tandoori spices, and I thought they did a great job in capturing the complicated flavours of tandoori chicken. There was also a thin mint sauce being buttered on the bun. A commendable effort by The Soup Spoon group which developed this new restaurant.

On a side note, danieru弁~~V(^o^)V recently told me that he found the quality of the beef patty to have dropped. I am not sure as I didn't have the beef patty during my 2nd visit, but will try the beef patty again when I have the chance to eat here.

The Handburger
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre

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