Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine @ Marina Bay Sands

Imperial Treasure is a household name in Singapore for delicious Chinese cuisines. Their flagship restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, also serves on of the best dim sum in Singapore.

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The restaurant is located above the casino in Marina Bay Sands, so guests can have a chance of a peek into the casino without paying any entrance fees.

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All diners are served with pickles (S$3) and Chinese Tea (S$2.50 per person) when seated.

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First came the BBQ Pork Rice Rolls (S$5.50). The skin was smooth and thin.

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We enjoyed the Soup of the Day (S$28 for 1 big pot), and the double boiled soup from Imperial Treasure never fail to impress. Not much Chinese herbs are used, just good old-fasion double boiling.

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Some favourites of ours: Har Gow (S$5.50), Siew Mai (S$5.20) and Glutinous Rice with Chicken (S$4.60)

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BBQ Pork Pastry (S$4.20)

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BBQ Pork Buns (S$4.20). Skin was fluffy.

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Steamed Teochew Dumplings (S$3.90) - The fillings reminded us of Soon Kueh.

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Steamed Beancurd Skin (S$4.80)

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Seafood Egg Hor Fun (S$21). The flat rice noodles were first fried, and then drizzled with gravy.

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Egg Tarts (S$3.90) and Coconut Tarts (S$3.90). Prefer the egg tarts which were creamier.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine
10 Bayfront Avenue
#02-04 (L2-04)
Marina Bay Sands


  1. I think Imperial Treasure generally serves not bad dim sum. I am surprised by the price - expected it to be a lot higher.

  2. Hi Daniel. Yes, we were quite surprised by the pricing here. Expecting higher price, but was actually on par with other restaurants. The Dim Sum was also good!