Monday, March 18, 2013

THAILAND: Bo.Lan Restaurant @ Bangkok

I guess for most Singaporeans, they will tend to singger at the name of this restaurant. But before you start to think something lewd, the name has no relations to Hokkien.

It is actually the name of the 2 chefs, who are also a couple too. Chef Bo, and Chef Dylan. Hence the name Bo.Lan.

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Ordered a delicious Thai Milk Tea in preperation of the firey feast ahead.

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Quite a relaxed setting. They have both al-fresco and air-con sections. Here, you won't get your usual Pineapple Rice or Pandan Chicken, but really innovative dishes using the best of Thai cooking and ingredients.

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Quite empty when we were there on a weekday. Here, you cannot find much Thai customers because of the expensive prices. Mostly foreigner diners. But you can be assured that the food here is one of the best in Bangkok.

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Signature cocktail with palm nectar, Thai rum

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An unusual appetizer - Crispy puffed rice with balsamic vinegar

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The actual dinner starts with Rice wine (a Thai spirit), pandan water, sour fruit, chilli powder

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Amuse bouche : Crispy rice cake with minced pork, sea bass, mango salad, sausage, prawn fritter. Everything was yummy!

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Salted fish soup & tom yam fish. The tom yam was spicy.

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Something most Singaporeans would not have seen before in BKK - Salad of Ayuthaya river prawn and grilled long aubergine served with soft boiled duck egg. And it tastes good.

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More unique dishes: Chilli relish of steamed herbal fed chicken served with fried market fish & local vege

 photo a11_zps69b21b46.jpg

Cassioa leave & flower curry with slow cooked "KU" beef in Mon Style

 photo a12_zps8cab995b.jpg

Stir fried pork tender with chili relish of dried prawns
 photo a13_zps0a93f2b1.jpg

Organic wild rice and jasmine fragrant rice

 photo a14_zps2f8be34b.jpg

Pre dessert : salak in shaved ice served with coconut candy

 photo a15_zpsf9d34453.jpg

Jack fruits in coconut cream served with crispy snack

 photo a16_zpsea8ae554.jpg

Petit four : nothing near to "petit". It's huge serving of assorted dessert. Yummy

 photo a17_zpsd80c9779.jpg

Chiang Mai tea with spices, mint, ginger & honey

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Highly recommended to all holiday makers going to Bangkok!

Bo.Lan Restaurant
42 Sukhumvit Sio 26


  1. i read too fast. Initially read it as 'bo lang restaurant' --> translated means no one restaurant.

    lol =P

  2. hahaha. But it was really a bit "bo lang" on weekday evenings.