Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Le Bon Marche @ Tiong Bahru

Those who love to read Urban every Friday on Straits Times would remember that sometime last year, Posh Nosh would always recommend French food stuffs from this small shop in sleepy Tiong Bahru.

Well, I finally located this Le Bon Marche, which is situated at the end of the Tiong Bahru estate. It is situated next to a French Macaron shop and a Chinese grocery shop.


Upon entering the shop, you will be amazed by all the never-before-seen food items which are lined up around the shop. It is more "European" than Carrefour.


Initially, Le Bon Marche is simply a shop selling French food items to customer. After a while, the owner decided to set aside half of the shop as a small cafe to serve cafe food using ingredients from the shop.


The shelves are lined with lot's of imported food stuffs from France. I am particularly attracted to the varieties of truffle oil sold here.


Mushroom soup - Find the mushroom soup too overwhelmingly thick. But I think fans of mushrooms would love it.


Parma Ham salad. Lot's of healthy greens.


Hot Chocolate with Almond cookies. The Hot Chocolate is so thick and chocolatey, and is great during a cold rainy day.


Foie Gras sandwich with more salad and beetroot.


I cannot remember the name of the dessert, but it is full of chocolates and fudge. So fans of chocolate would want to order this dessert.

BTW, service is warm and friendly. Think we were served by the lady boss.

Le Bon Marche
01-4178 Guan Chuan Street
Tel: 62263269
Opening hours: 11am to 9.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays, closed on Sundays)


  1. wah i love such food... will an effort to go down and try

  2. We have now moved to a bigger place on Bukit Timah,

    Pay us a visit when you have time

    Best regards

  3. Thanks for updating. I do know about the shifting, but forgot to update our readers here. Haha.

    So chef, see you again at your (not so new) premises :

    383 Bukit Timah Road,
    #01-01 Alocassia Service Apartments,