Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tung Lok Signatures @ Vivocity

Had Dim Sum at Tung Lok Signatures.


This is the panfried pancake. There are shrimps and meat inside the Chinese pancakes.

Find it pretty tasty as the chives is pan fried together with the pancake till fragrant.


This is a unique dish of lotus roots done 2 styles. One part of this dish is lotus roots wrapped with bacon. This is my first time having such a dish.

The lotus root is juicy and crunchy, and contrasted with the salty and oily bacon.

The other portion of the dish is crispy lotus roots.

A personal favourite.


Juicy and plump Siew Mai.


This is "Jumping Rice" claypot. The chef first bring a pot of boiling hot stock with some rice already cooked in the stock.

After which, a bowl of oven baked crispy rice is added into the claypot of soup. The crispy rice will jump all over the place, like how popcorn behaves when cooked. The stock is tasty and the crispy rice added a very unique texture to the dish.

Tung Lok Signatures
#01-57 Vivo City
Tel: 63769555

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