Friday, May 15, 2009

Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant 茗珍奋记菜馆 @ OCBC Centre

When people think of Hokkien food, they would think of the black sauce Hokkien noodles (also known as KL Noodles), Hokkien fried prawn mee and Fried prawns rolls. But Hokkien food is more than that.

Beng Thin Hoon Kee is a very old Hokkien restaurant in Singapore. It opened in 1949 in Hokkien Street (where else? haha), and moved to its current location at the 5th floor of OCBC Centre multi-storey carpark in 1979.

Upon seeing the restaurant, you are greeted by a "temple" like entrance within the carpark. Decor inside is the ordinary Chinese restaurant deco. It's a family restaurant where the food is suitable for ages 9 to 90.


Fish maw soup - Soup is sweet and full of goodies like oysters and fish maw.


Oyster Omelette - Unlike her hawker centre cousin where the oysters are mixed with eggs and flour to create a pancake like dish, the egg and flour is fried till very very crispy. After which, the oysters are pan fried with their unique special chilli sauce and then fried together with the eggs and flour. It's absolutely delicious.

But, be warned that this dish is super oily and fattening. Those who are on diet should AVOID this. And please share this dish because you will get a bit tired of it after 4 to 5 spoonfuls of this dish due to the oiliness.


Fried mee sua - This is excellent. The mee sua has absorbed the special gravy and every mouthful is bursting with flavour. Again, lot's of ingredients such as seafood and vegetables. I recommend this over Hokkien Mee (though I have yet to eat their Hokkien Mee before).


Hae Cho (Prawns Rolls) - Another very popular dish. Their Hae Cho is very juicy and flavourful in the inside, and crispy on the outside. The pork and prawns and water chestnut really blends in very well. Great with the Mee Sua.

Good service and great food warrants another visit from me!

Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant 茗珍奋记菜馆
65 Chulia Street
OCBC Centre
Tel: 65337708


  1. my goodness the way you describe the food and in all your previous postings makes me salivate all the time

    reading the part "bursting with flavour" about the mee suah just makes me drool...

  2. The mee sua is very good. Each strand is coated with the delicious sauce which has already and has been soaked up by the mee sua.

  3. cknewsstand,

    you really have the gift to describe every morsel of the food and its taste.

    pei fu peifu... i can't get the mee sua out of my mind... i like this kind of mee sua