Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Handburger @ Raffles City

Had a hamburger at The Handburger for lunch during one of my lunch appointment with fellow blogger "danieru弁~~V(^o^)V".

We were there a few days after they opened.


We arrived there at 12 noon sharp, so there were still empty seats all around. The Handburger is opened by the management of The Soup Spoon, which is just next door.


Complimentary chips. More like potato chips from a bag. But complimentary lah, cannot complain.


Our orders of "The Works Burger" (S$16.80) finally arrived. The reasons we ordered this are:

1) It has everything thrown into it, making this a "everything-I-also-want" burger.
2) We were hungry and greedy.


If I didn't remember wrongly, "The Works Burger" comes with a juicy piece of sirloin beef patty, cheddar cheese, onion rings, sinful bacon, fried sunny side egg, mashed avocado, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and others between toasted caramelised onion buns.

This is good. Though not as good as my favourtie sliders at Barracks Cafe, but is good enough to be one of the top few burgers I tried before.


Diners have a choice of chilled poached tomato or fries. Decide to go for the "healthier-choice". I'm glad I chose the tomato. Don't you think it looks very pretty?


It's stuffed with crunchy coleslaw. The tomato doesn't has this "raw vegetables" taste. And it's poached with some kind of savoury sauce. The tomato side was so good that it overpowered the burger. I think they should make the tomato their signature dish.

Definitely will come back to try their other burgers such as the tea smoked duck burger.

The Handburger
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre


  1. the burger definitely looks good but unfortunately I don't take beef

  2. they have duck and chicken versions too!

    u muz really try out the chilled tomato.

    it's v v good!

  3. Looks good!! Any nice soup to go along with the burgers??